Who is Felipe Prieto? What Felipe Prieto do? and Why to create a Blog?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

To start with I will tell you a little about myself, what I am doing and the reason to create this Blog.

My name is Felipe Prieto, I am a photographer and filmmaker graduated from the University of Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano. I am passionate about photography, cinema, modern arts, architecture and travel. A long time ago I decided to create a website where it shows some of the work that I´ve done as a photographer and audiovisual producer.

On that website we can find portraits, landscapes, nature and photographs about the daily life of some places I have visited. At the same time, I´m working on Online Fine Art Store where I will able to add some printed photographs on different surfaces so that they are decorative and collectible photographs in their homes or places of preference.

The reason why I´ve decided to create this Blog is because I think it is necessary to make a little more known about my way of being and thinking, also I want to everyone who sees my work to have the possibility to read a little about: where, when and how each of the photographs or photographic sessions that are exposed there were made. With this I want the people who are thinking about having a photo session with me or who want to buy any of the photographs to have a point of reference about me.

I hope we can create and grow as a community with common interests, where we can share knowledge and experiences with each other. I will listen to your comments, suggestions and concerns.

Thank you

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